Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon Review

Film Grade: C-

I didn’t think the last Transformers movie was too bad, other than being similar to the first one (except for the story line, they changed that slightly). By the looks of the trailers for Dark of the Moon, I was hoping that it would be as epic as it looked. 

Well, it definitely looked epic. The special effects were action eye candy, which was non-stop. It was metal carnage for the whole 2 and a 1/2 hours running time. 

Yeah, it’s that long. For what this film is, it should be 2 hours max. The action was cool to watch, don't get me wrong…except that it’s seeing the exact same thing we saw in the previous two films. 

The special effects, unfortunately, is about the only thing I can complement in this film. I love Shia Labeouf, but he's the only actor worth his paycheck. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Sam’s girlfriend, wasn’t as disgusting as Megan Fox, but she plays the exact same character: the objectified hot girl. The first shot of the movie is of her butt. Michael Bay feeds the male viewers what he (apparently) thinks the perfect girl should be – impossibly hot, with no heart or depth. Sam and Carly's whole relationship is superficial.

There is little continuity in the storyline where Sam's relationship is involved. What’s the deal with Mikaela dumping him? She goes through Hell and back with him in the first two movies and then leaves? It was all for nothing.

Speaking of storyline...well, there isn't really one to speak of – it’s basically the same. The Decepticons are back and want to take over the world. Sam has girlfriend troubles and annoying parents. Oh, and Patrick Depmsey is a horrible bad guy, he should just stick to RomComs. 

To conclude, it's an overly long film that bashes your brain with mindless, mindnumbing action with no real plot, script or acting to speak of. Morally, it’s bad. Sam and Carly live together, and Carly is totally objectified for her looks by the director. There is a lot of unnecessary language.There’s references to homosexuality and other innuendos. The parents look dumb. 

The film reflects Sam and Carly's relationship: pretty, but superficial. Heartless. If you want to watch a movie that is pure eye candy, no brain involved, have fun.


BG45 said...

Scheduled to go see this tomorrow and you just answered my main question, "How did they write Megan Fox out after they went through two alien invasions?" The answer apparently being, random dumping.

My expectations are now far less for this film after your review.

BG45 said...

Okay just got back and I think Carly is more sensualised and less competent than the average Bond Girl.

Therese said...

I was not impressed by her at all. She's the same character with even less credibility (acting wise) than Fox. And that's saying something.

BG45 said...

Agreed! I actually missed Megan Fox to an extent because she was somehow less sensual than this new girlfriend...and after two movies, you deserve more dialogue than, "Yeah Sam, you had a hottie dump you" from the mom character. And the ending...oh the ending. You inspired me to post my own review, and I was not kind to Optimus Prime.