Monday, July 25, 2011

We Could Use More of Captain America

Film Grade: B+

Chris Evans in Captain America: The First Avenger
Captain America is undoubtedly the best superhero film of the summer. And I might say the second best film of the summer, as Super 8 still beats everything in my book, in terms of quality film-making. 

But for those of you who don’t know the story, here’s a quick rundown. Captain America was originally the scrawny Steve Rogers whose dream of serving his country got him into a special sector of the armed forces. He is chosen, because of his determined and compassionate character, to undergo a cellular transformation and become a special kind of hero. He finds himself up against Red Skull, Hitler’s weaponry man, who plans to control the world with a glowing energy source. 

The story is pretty much like any other superhero's. What makes Captain America special is the way the film was done - the way it should be done. It was a wholesome tribute to the comics. 

It’s almost as if the whole film could be a comic, minus the “KA-POW” flying across the screen. I admit that Captain America is not as good as Spiderman or, say, the more recent Batman films, but it’s still good. There are some cheesy lines, but they're done tastefully. In short, the film is like a sophisticated comic book. 

And unlike a lot of hero films, the visual effects aren’t overbearing. It adds to the story, rather than suffocating it. There isn’t anything overtly sexual that threatens to distract the film and detract from the story. The acting isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely worthy.The 1940’s costumes give the film an air of sophistication, quality, and especially patriotism.

The patriotism itself, in the film, is a much-needed nod to our country and to the men and women who serve it by giving their lives. It’s refreshing and uplifting to see them celebrated rather than criticized. 

Also refreshing is the romance between Steve Rogers and Agent Peggy Carter. There is obvious attraction between them the entire film, but they don’t touch, so it builds both tension and suspense. The moment where they finally do kiss becomes a treat that adds heart to the story. Take note, Hollywood. This is how romances on film should be! 

Captain America is wonderfully done in its visual effects, costumes and especially its story. The story is what makes it both relatable and worthy of admiration. Steve Rogers is the kind of superhero kids should look up to, unlike Tony Stark. He’s sacrificial, compassionate, fearless and determined. 

We could use more people like Captain America. Fortunately, we will. Next summer. Make sure you stay until after the credits. You’ll get a little preview of a film coming out next summer that you will probably want to see.  

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