Thursday, July 21, 2011

No Strings Attached, Friends with Benefits...They've Lost Their Minds.

With No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits coming out this year, Hollywood has me partly outraged, partly shocked. Both movies are about the same thing. (I don’t know if you’ve noticed their plots are becoming more and more original these days…). They’re about using another person for your own pleasure and benefit.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure most people don’t like to be used. Because no matter what Congress or Media tell us, deep down, we know we are people, not objects, who deserve respect. 

So what’s the sense in showing characters who enjoy being used, plots that glorify using, and how “fun” it is? Think this through, people. No one likes it. So why make movies about people liking it? (Not to mention, unapologetically flaunting how obsessed Hollywood is with sex. Forget that film-making is an art form).

I certainly won’t see these movies. But I plead other people not to, so Hollywood gets the message that people won’t take just any movie they shove down our throats. 

We imitate what we see. And if we go see a movie where people enjoy being treated as objects, we will begin to feel that we are objects and expect to be treated that way. We’ll stop demanding respect. 

In addition, we tell Hollywood that we like trash films like these. I most certainly don’t. The movies I enjoy most show people as they truly are, what they’re capable of doing – in other words, films that reflect true humanity. Even if they’re fantasy, they still reflect the essence of humanity.

But seriously, Hollywood. These two films deserve a palm to the forehead. 


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