Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Album Review: Aim and Ignite

Andrew Dost, Jack Antonoff and Nate Ruess of Fun.
Pop these days is such a broad genre that so often gets plagued with monotony and mediocrity. Which is why I'm so delighted when I come across a unique and fun sound that's...*gasp*...talented, even.

Let me introduce to you the band "Fun.". Originally "The Format", lead singer Nate Ruess joined up with Andrew Dost and Jack Antonoff when his first project went on hiatus. The trio, along with other talented backup musicians, makes a delightful indie pop band.

Their debut album, Aim and Ignite, which actually came out in 2009, is just beginning to surface. It's a compilation of ten songs with enough nah nah’s and clapping to put you in a charming mood. The album has upbeat tunes, innovative lyrics, happy horns, and a sunny attitude that makes it perfect for summer listening. 

“At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used To Be)” has a unique melody, and “Be Calm” has a message of keeping a positive outlook in dreadful situations. “The Gambler”, “Light a Roman Candle with Me”, and “I Wanna Be the One” are wholesome, romantic nods to affection. “Walking the Dog” has a snap-your-fingers tune with lyrics you can burst in the car, windows rolled down. 

If you haven’t heard any of these tunes already, I highly recommend getting this album for fun summer listening, no pun intended. 

I had the pleasure of seeing these gentlemen in concert as an opener for Panic! At the Disco, and they were much better live than on the album, as they were stripped  from all the extra sounds in the background. Nate Ruess has the personality, the smile and the vocals that entertain with true talent.

They were, in fact, FUN. Oh, and by the way, they have a new album coming out soon, which I will be waiting for eagerly.

Aim and Ignite

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